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Taylor Swift’s music video, Back to December was not only shot at MacArthur Park, but also a Field on Underwood and Castleman in Vestal, Juneberry Bridge and the House on corner of Juneberry by bridge, and the field by the Park on Juneberry next to creek, along with house on Rt 26 near Foster and Main.

Lieberstraum, by Mike Figgis, (Leaving Los Vegas and Cold Creek Manor) shot one of his first feature films right here in Binghamton. The famous downtown cast iron, Issac Perry building was a key location as well as character in this 1990’s film noir drama. Other notable locations include the Castle on the Hill, The Woolworth Building and downtown city streets.

DICK’S Sporting Goods unveiled its 2020 Christmas commercial featuring the song “Little Queenie” by Chuck Berry – it’s amazing and it was all shot right here in Broome County at the Conklin Distribution Center!!

Did you know that Richard Stack opened the first DICK’S Sporting Goods store in Binghamton, NY in 1948?! It was originally a small bait and tackle shop that has grown into the largest U.S. based sporting goods retailer.

FOX Business news talks to NYC based Prospect Theater Company Managing Director, Melissa Huber about its collaboration with the local 100-year-old historical landmark, Goodwill Theatre, Inc. The four-part musical theater film series was shot right here in Johnson City and produced a much-needed economic boost to the community and to the performers in the midst of a very dark time. Thirty people involved for thirty days and not one person got sick. The power of performance in the age of the pandemic!

“While public gatherings have been on pause, exciting original artistry has safely taken place inside our buildings. Goodwill Theatre, Inc. collaborated with NYC’s award-winning Prospect Theater Company whose mission is to create and present original musical theater works by emerging artists. Due to current conditions, Prospect created their new VISION series, which features six original short films exploring the intersection of music and theatre, from a variety of writers, composers, and other artists.

“Four pieces were filmed on location during a September residency at the historic Goodwill Theatre and Firehouse building in Johnson City. Special Thanks to United Health Services for their partnership and support.” – Goodwill Theatre

Binghamton’s rich history is just begging to be explored.
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