Nirchi’s on the Avenue was established in February of 2001. Of course, every family establishment has its family roots. Nirchi’s On the Avenue was started by Rocco Nirchi, the son of Nicolina and Francesco Nirchi. Mr. and Mrs. Nirchi came to the United States in 1957 from Pofi, Italy. As did many of the Italians on the north side of Endicott, they came to the United States to make a new life for their family. Endicott Johnson provided them with work and the promise of a new life. In 1967, Mrs. Nirchi opened a small Italian deli on the north side of Endicott. Francesco cut hair at a local barbershop and continued to work at Endicott Johnson. At the time there were many small grocery stores in the Italian section of Endicott. Nicolina felt she needed something to set her apart. She started making square sheet pizza to sell by the slice. It was not long before she could not keep up with the demand. After putting her children, Rocco and Elena, through college, she needed more help. Rocco stepped in to run the business. Under his direction, the pizza business continued to grow. Soon, the calls would come in for Nirchi’s to open another pizza store. In 1984, Rocco trademarked the name and started to franchise. There are now seven locations and still growing.

Cuisine: Italian, American