Visit Binghamton offers a variety of free planning services ranging from housing and publicity to hotel negotiations, site inspections, registration assistance and much, much more.

Formal Presentations

If you’re already convinced about meeting in Binghamton, but need to convince someone else, we are prepared to make a formal presentation. We have a video as well as a variety of other promotional materials available for your use.

Site Inspection

If you would like to personally come and inspect a venue, our Convention Sales staff will happily arrange your itinerary and accompany you on a tour.


For groups using more than two hotels, Visit Binghamton will act as a clearinghouse, accepting reservations and distributing them to the requested hotel/motel.


To maximize your visibility in our community – so that we can properly show our appreciation – we will assist in the preparation and dissemination of press releases to the local media.


For day-to-day recognition as you frequent our community’s stores, restaurants, and services, we will design welcome notices to be used in storefront windows.

Pre-registration & Registration Assistance

We encourage preregistration to ensure the first day of your meeting or convention runs as smoothly as possible. We also have experienced, efficient registration personnel available to greet delegates and prepare badges for groups of 100 or more.


Name badges with inserts are free of charge. For groups accommodating at least 50 or more, a “welcome” poster will be provided for the hotel lobby.

Spousal Programs

While you are busy at your meeting, your significant other will be well attended to. We’ve got programs to keep them busy all day.