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Haunted History in Binghamton

The Haunted History Trail of New York State is where you can plan your next ghostly adventure. Learn about the lives that once walked before us at one of their many locations across New York. They have found the spookiest spots in each region where paranormal activity has not only occurred, but been witnessed.

Give yourself a scare at one of the haunted sites in Binghamton and Broome County. Immerse yourself and be part of the lives of those before us. There are three Haunted History Trail sites in Binghamton and Broome County, each one with its own unique story.

Phelps Mansion

Phelps Museum outside

In 1870, Sherman D. Phelps, who was the fifth mayor of the city of Binghamton, had a mansion built for him and his family. Every family member who lived in the house passed away just 12 years after moving in.

People have witnessed different spirits wearing appropriate clothing from the time period. On other occasions, it has been said that even though the clock has never been wound that there are random times when the clock chimes throughout the day. Others report doors opening and closing to people walking around the premises. These chills are waiting for you to witness for yourself. Special candlelight tours are offered in October or take a tour during the day throughout the year.

Roberson Mansion

Roberson Mansion outside

Not too far away, you’ll find the Roberson Mansion another local haunted history staple. This Gilded Age mansion was built in 1907 by Alonzo and Margaret Roberson. The mansion was entrusted to the community to become an education center after the passing of Alonzo and his wife so the Alonzo Roberson name would live on for centuries.

In fall 2019, during the decorating process of the Mansion by a staff worker and his family, there was an abrupt silence. During the silence, there was a noise from the first floor. What was the noise, you ask? Some think it was Alonzo clearing his throat suggesting they hit the road. Find out for yourself on your tour of the mansion. During October, there are guided ghost tours or take on a self-guided tour year round.

The Historic Bundy House

Bundy House outside

Built in 1892 for Harlow and Julia Bundy, the Bundy House has been home to many. Transforming over the years from a boarding house, office spaces and even a printing shop then restored into a museum, it is a hot spot for paranormal investigators.

The Bundy House regularly offers scheduled monthly ghost tours and allows paranormal investigation tours throughout the year.