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From engaging history and things to do to fabulous food and drink, there is tons of stuff that makes Greater Binghamton great. But, there are a few points of pride that stand out from the rest, including a legendary screenwriter, numerous antique carousels and an impossibly delicious sandwich. These things are unique to BING and we can’t wait to share these distinctions with you on your next visit.

The late, great Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling once said: “Everyone has to have a hometown, Binghamton’s mine. When I dig back through my memory cells, I get one particularly distinctive feeling and that’s one of warmth, comfort and well-being. For whatever else I may have had, or lost, or will find, I’ve still got a hometown.”

A proud Binghamton native, Serling cultivated his creativity right here in New York’s Southern Tier and he even used the setting as inspiration for a few episodes of his quintessential television series. His proverbial fingerprints are all over this city and his legacy is yours to explore along with a few other unique features.

There are an impressive 78 beautiful parks and public spaces in Greater Binghamton, but only a half dozen can claim to have something very special. They are the homes to six recreational relics that make Greater Binghamton the “Carousel Capital of the World”!

Vice magazine once proclaimed spiedies the “Greatest Sandwich on Earth” and you can taste and see why on your next visit to Greater Binghamton. Our homegrown delicacy is available all over the area in “pits” that deserve a stop.