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Greater Binghamton is a place where tradition and taste tell a story you can be part of. Experience an emerging culinary scene filled with palate-pleasing flavors and only-find-it-here food and beverage.

Foodies will find snap-worthy dishes in neighborhoods like Endicott’s Little Italy while craft beverage connoisseurs can sip our finest pints at a downtown microbrewery. Relax in a rehabbed historic building-turned-café or hang out in the auto-themed décor of a former mechanic garage.

The hum of factories may have faded but revitalized Greater Binghamton buzzes with nightlife. Let’s start at the bar, where craft beer connoisseurs can cozy up to handcrafted pints exclusive to the brewpubs of Greater Binghamton.

Back in the day, Binghamton was a well-known industrial powerhouse cranking out everything from shoes to high technology. Today, Greater Binghamton brewers apply that tradition, pride and work ethic to carving a new niche for the tri-city area. From international award-winning ales to bizarre-yet-delicious brews, beer is bringing Binghamton back in a big way.

When you walk into Water Street Brewing Co., you are greeted with a diverse and wide range of beers on tap from German lagers and English ales to new styles like NEIPAs and sours. The three Beer Tree Brew Co. locations are equally friendly, places where you can have a hoppy pint and good conversation.

It started on the family farm just down the road, where Chuck Rhoades planted the seed that would grow into Beer Tree Brew Co. It was his hop bines, which he affectionately refers to as “beer trees,” that sparked an obsession with homebrewing for his son Chris Rhoades and son-in-law Brendan Harder. Their ingredients tend to be hyper-local like the hops from the family farm and a majority is sourced in New York state.

Speaking of ingredients, the impressive collection of beers brewed by Zach and Eric Pedley at the North Brewery tend to push the limits. The Pedleys routinely experiment with rare ingredients like rhubarb, lavender, watermelons, cucumbers and pretty much anything else that comes to mind. In addition to core favorites that resonate with the college crowd and connoisseurs alike, you can expect to find a fascinating tap in constant rotation on any given visit.

The brew-fueled spirit of Binghamton permeates the entire tri-city area, which includes craft brew havens like the legendary Ale House or laid-back Lost Dog Cocktail Lounge.

Binghamton brew isn’t exclusive to beer, though. You’ll find wines made from products grown on the premises at Lone Maple Farm for one. French Distillers & Alchemists produce artisanal drinks that lift spirits.

You should also raise your expectations when it comes to eating in Greater Binghamton. Wine and dine at Little Venice Restaurant, hang out at the Lost Dog Cafe or hunker down for some hefty portions at Burger Monday’s. Grab an elaborate milkshake at Craft after an evening on the town.

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Explore our Bing Stories and skip that travel app or search engine to discover our most interesting places and people. Then plot your own adventure through Greater Binghamton and Be Part of Our Story!

Revelers love to dance the night away with craft beverages and great bands at McGirk’s all year round.

There are plenty of must-eats (and drinks) in Greater Binghamton for adventurous palates to sample. But, if you’re going to eat one thing, make it a spiedies sandwich.

There are also plenty of places to catch a world-class performance or a ballgame as well. Whatever your taste in food, brew or entertainment, come see what brings Greater Binghamton to life at night and at the table or bar.