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Binghamton’s Signature Sandwich

History and tradition permeate the food and drink scene at Greater Binghamton restaurants. A century of industry drew many great cultures to the area, which is reflected in the world-class and world-famous fare you find in the tri-cities today. Get authentic Irish grub at any number of pubs, grab an Eastern European dish or hit the pits, where grill masters are sizzling up our renowned spiedies sandwiches.

Red, white and blue plate with spiedie

Spiedies (pronounced speedies) are marinated cubes of meat cooked on a skewer and typically served up in a long roll. They’re delicious.

Imported as a delicacy from Italy, it’s widely believed that spiedies are strictly a Greater Binghamton phenomenon. It’s widely known that they are a phenomenal meaty treat. Originally restricted to lamb, today’s spiedies are created from lamb, pork, chicken, veal, venison, and beef.

For decades, the word “spiedies” (based on the Italian word for “spit”) has been synonymous with “Lupo.” The Lupo family pretty much blazed the trail for the upstate delicacy and continues to serve up top-notch sandwiches at Lupo’s S & S Char Pit. With spiedies, it’s all about the marinade and Lupo’s has become the standard-bearer with its sauce.

The Spiedie and Rib Pit has grown into a go-to for Binghamton’s favorite sandwich for more than 20 years. What makes it so unique? The Pit is home to the “Spiedie Specialty,” which essentially turns the marinated meat into a canvas for gourmet toppings. Buffalo wings, Greek fare and Ceasar-style chicken inspire just a few of the unique flavors. Widely regarded as the best spiedies spot in the tri-city area, the Pit obligates first-time visitors to give it a try.

You can’t talk about spiedies without talking about Salamida State Fair Sauces & Marinades. Rob Salamida, who spent his teen years selling spiedies sandwiches in front of restaurants around Endicott, was the pioneer of bottling our beloved sauce. Rob was determined to find a better way to get spiedies to more people and in 1976 he made that reality. Now Salamida State Fair Sauces & Marinades is in over 10,000 grocery stores across the nation!

Whether staying a few days or just passing through, you simply can’t leave town without grabbing the food that made Binghamton famous.