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Rod Serling

Get in the Zone

“Twilight Zone” creator and legendary screenwriter Rod Serling certainly left a big impression on pop culture. His hometown of Binghamton, New York, definitely made a big impression on him.

Greater Binghamton is Serling country, with reminders of the late great’s roots throughout.

Rod Serling sitting next to film projector

Even casual fans of the “Twilight Zone” can appreciate a visit to Recreation Park, where the bandstand and antique carousel set the scene for one of the show’s most famous episodes, “Walking Distance.” You can even ride the merry-go-round – one of six in the “Carousel Capital of the World” – Memorial through Labor Day, free of charge. Hard-core show devotees might recognize Boscov’s Department Store and the Binghamton Bus Terminal as inspirations for other popular episodes.

Binghamton pays proper homage to the six-time Emmy winner at the Forum Theatre, where visitors can check out the “Day of a Playwright” exhibit. It even includes a “Good Penmanship” certificate from Serling’s school days.

True “Twilight Zone” enthusiasts are basically obligated to check out the Rod Serling Archive at the Bundy Museum of History & Art. A permanent exhibit fueled by the Serling vault includes rare memorabilia, props and personal items presented in a hands-on format. Whether you stop by Serling’s high school or pass by his star on our “Wall of Fame,” this unofficial tour is a rare opportunity to follow such iconic footsteps in such an intimate setting.