Hi there – We’re Binghamton, a place a little left of center and right in the middle of it all. Why film in Greater Binghamton? We’re a place that’s different.

Broome County is right at the crossroads of upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, a beautiful area where three major interstates meet. Two great rivers also connect in downtown Binghamton, a vibrant city built by historic innovators and fueled by a new class of creative visionaries. We’re city and country, quirky and unique, laying claim to such unusual distinctions as the “Carousel Capital of the World.” You’ll even find a gothic revival stone insane asylum here, if that’s your thing.

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Actually, we’re here for anything and can accommodate pretty much every project. Numerous towns and villages that dot a gorgeous natural landscape full of wide, open spaces. We enjoy all four seasons here in these genuinely friendly communities.

In addition, New York state’s $420 million film incentive program is one of the best in the nation. The New York State Governor’s Office of Motion Picture & Television Development (MPTV) offers film, television and commercial production and post-production tax credits for qualified expenditures in New York, including Binghamton.

Binghamton is home to hundreds of compelling locations ready for just about any production from period pieces to modern tales. We invite you to Be Part of Our Story. Our locations set the perfect scene for you to tell yours.

Our well-preserved historic architecture is one-of-a-kind. From a vacant train station and frozen-in-time theater to classic facades and abandoned factories, our intriguing structures are just waiting to be adapted for your creative vision. There are remnants of the Gilded Age galore in the form of elaborate estates that harken back to Binghamton’s past as the “Parlor City,” when captains of industry built amazing mansions with plenty of room to relax.

Quaint shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes litter the landscape where rehabbed spaces embrace our bright future while preserving the past. Amid our rolling hills are dozens of rural communities defined by their charming Main Streets and mom-and-pop businesses.

Our rich history has produced tons of inspiring stories over the decades and centuries. We take great pride in being the birthplace of IBM and Endicott-Johnson Shoe Co., an industrial giant that shaped the region. We’re also the home of film and television icon Rod Serling.

The “Twilight Zone” creator and legendary screenwriter certainly left a big impression on pop culture. His hometown of Binghamton, New York, definitely made a big impression on him. Greater Binghamton is Serling country, with reminders of the late great’s roots throughout.

This has always been fertile ground for forward-thinking. And the bones – the story – help continue that tradition. A new generation is embracing the gifts of the past, reimagining faded spaces, reviving culture and reinventing what Binghamton is.

This is a place, after all, where industrial ingenuity produced more than cigars, shoes or computers. These are the kinds of communities where a punch clock manufacturer becomes a part of the world’s largest technology company, a piano and organ maker pioneers virtual reality or a creative kid leaps ahead of his time to create one of the most iconic television programs in history.

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Binghamton, Endicott and Johnson City – the “Triple Cities” – sustained economic prosperity for more than a century, producing plenty of modern treasures in the process. These are gifts like the impressive architecture sponsored by Willis Kilmer, one of the America’s wealthiest men in his day. When immigrants flocked to the factories, they brought their culinary traditions and cultural tastes with them. People like George F. Johnson built parks, theaters and even houses to keep his diverse workforce humming. Legendary IBM leader Thomas J. Watson continued that tradition with recreational amenities like the company’s retreat and training center that is now Traditions at the Glen.

Binghamton is a place that’s different, an eclectic location where a creative class of forward-thinkers embraces the roots as a destination for innovators.

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Kelly has a long and varied history in both film and theater. A graduate of The New School where she majored in Media and Film Studies, she has spent a majority of her career with production and post-production companies in New York City and Los Angeles. As head of the Binghamton Film Office, Kelly is the main contact for any and all needs or inquiries about your film project.