Our well-preserved historic architecture is one-of-a-kind. From a vacant train station and frozen-in-time theater to classic facades and abandoned factories, our intriguing structures are just waiting to be adapted for your creative vision. There are remnants of the Gilded Age galore in the form of elaborate estates that harken back to Binghamton’s past as the “Parlor City,” when captains of industry built amazing mansions with plenty of room to relax.

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There are plenty of treasures all around in the communities of Greater Binghamton.

This historic location is filled with traditions.

Bing Film Office

Kelly Fancher

Film Commissioner

Kelly has a long and varied history in both film and theater. A graduate of The New School where she majored in Media and Film Studies, she has spent a majority of her career with production and post-production companies in New York City and Los Angeles. As head of the Binghamton Film Office, Kelly is the main contact for any and all needs or inquiries about your film project.