Broome County is right at the crossroads of upstate New York and northern Pennsylvania, a beautiful area where three major interstates meet. Two great rivers also connect in downtown Binghamton, a vibrant, picturesque city built by historic innovators and fueled by a new class of creative visionaries.

Discover Endicott’s Little Italy neighborhood.
The Goodwill Theatre in Johnson City is one of the many gifts of our past.

Quaint shops, boutiquesrestaurants, bars and cafes litter the landscape where rehabbed spaces embrace our bright future while preserving the past. Amid our rolling hills are dozens of rural communities defined by their charming Main Streets and mom-and-pop businesses. All of our communities are film-friendly and ready to greet you and your crew. We can help you find the ideal location and just plain make it happen.

Binghamton is home to the largest projection arts festival in the country.
205 Dry is a hotspot filled with history right in the heart of Artists Row.
Bing Film Office

Kelly Fancher

Film Commissioner

Kelly has a long and varied history in both film and theater. A graduate of The New School where she majored in Media and Film Studies, she has spent a majority of her career with production and post-production companies in New York City and Los Angeles. As head of the Binghamton Film Office, Kelly is the main contact for any and all needs or inquiries about your film project.