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Serling’s Legacy Lives on in Binghamton

Immerse yourself into the Twilight Zone at the Bundy Museum in the heart of Binghamton located right on Main Street.

We all know or have heard of the famous sci-fi series the Twilight Zone but, did you know that the Emmy Award-winning creator Rod Serling grew up right in Binghamton?

In honor of him, the historical Bundy Museum has created a Rod Serling exhibit “In the Zone” that visitors can explore. This exhibit is only one of few in existence, which is why it is so unique for the Binghamton area.

In the exhibit, you will find one-of-a-kind pieces, original wire images, TV and film props, some of which you may have not known existed. You can also view various memorabilia from the series that can only be seen in Binghamton.

Visitors have said that you can see the Twilight Zone board game, a replica of Talky Tina doll from the “Living Doll” episode along with bobbleheads based on multiple characters that were in the series such as Willie and Jerry from “The Dummy” episode, the Gremlin from “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, the Kanamit from “To Serve Man” and the “alien” from “The Invaders” episode.

Not only do you learn about his impact within the Twilight Zone series, but you also have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into his personal life. You can view items such as Binghamton yearbooks that he helped complete and was in along with some personal notes that he had written.

Those who have visited the exhibit also mention that you can view pieces and memorabilia for “The Loner” and “Night Gallery” shows that Serling created after the Twilight Zone. 

If you are a fan of the Twilight Zone or the master storytelling of Serling, this is a must-visit. Put it on your list for your next adventure in Binghamton.