Photography captures the wider world, and with macro photography we go a little closer. In this workshop, we’re using macro photography to discover the hidden world all around us–the little things in the little things.

Sean Murphy, local portrait and wedding photographer, will teach students the best techniques and methods to capture these extreme close-up photographs. Students can take these extreme close-ups by using a DSLR or Mirrorless camera and adding a macro lens OR employ a photography-hack to use an old school film lens to get amazing results.

This class is perfect for all experience levels.

Where: Roberson Museum, First Floor Carousel Theater

Price: $10 for Roberson Members; $20 for Not-Yet-Members

Masks are required when inside Roberson Museum.

Cameras will not be provided.

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Drink Beer | Talk History!

Join the Phelps Mansion Museum in both learning history and drinking beer on December 9th. Urban Explorer, Bryant Neal, hosts a presentation remembering the abandoned and forgotten architecture in America’s cities.

“Abandoned Upstate: Photos of Binghamton History”

The Abandoned Upstate Project is an ongoing visual collection of urban decay. From forgotten resorts to collapsing asylums, its reach spans hundreds of unique locations. No piece of history is immune to the effects of the reclamation of nature.

Bryant Neal is an urban explorer who found a passion for archiving abandoned spaces. His work exposes the beauty in decay through ornate details and somber backdrops. Bryant documents the deterioration of locations through photography, cinematography, and 35mm film.


  • Nonmembers: $10.00/person
  • Members: $8.00/person
  • Zoom option: $5.00

*Reservation Required
Must be 21+ years of age
*First drink is free with admission

NonMember $10.00 USDMember $8.00 USD

Zoom Option: $5.00

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, all participants are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status!

Get out of Auto- or Program-Mode with your DSLR, Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera, and become a power-user. A DSLR Camera is a powerful tool, and in this class local portrait and wedding photographer, Sean Murphy, will teach the basics and how to get better shots.

Learn how to configure your camera, the proper way to hold it, autofocus technique, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, shooting modes, RAW vs. JPEG, and more. This class will perfect for anyone who wants to get better sports, landscape, and portrait images.

Where: Roberson Museum, First Floor Carousel Theater

Price: $10 for Roberson Members; $20 for Not-Yet-Members

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