So here’s to the mad ones who don’t fit in, the radicals and firebrands. The square pegs
in the round holes; they are the ones who see more than we do and won’t follow the
rules. You can underestimate them or disagree with them, sing their praises or
disparage them, but you’ll never be able to disregard them, because they transform
things and push us all forward; and though some might see them as insane they’re
actually masterminds.

There have always been those who had the initiative to go where no man or woman
had gone before. “Those Who Crossed Barriers” is about Americans brave to cross barriers and
willing to face the consequences. It takes imagination and determination to do so,
yet the people we often think of as the nutty ones are the ones who change the world.

Nellie Bly, who paved the way for women in investigative journalism in a
man’s world.

Sophie Lyons, who lit the criminal world on fire with her wily con-woman

Corporal Margaret Hastings, one of a group of Army WACS who brought women
into the military.

Orville and Wilbur Wright who worked at making a flying machine,
while others gave up.

Katharine Wright, who never made a name
for herself like her brothers, but without her they could not do what they did.


Those Who Crossed Barriers written and directed by Judith Present stars: Maryann
Johnson, Lisa Dutcher, Dawn Gould, Bonnie DeForest, and John Montgomery.
Presentarts is a theater company that brings historical characters on stage as
fundraisers for Museums, Churches, Historical Societies and other Organization interested in historical performances and characters.

Admission is $15.00/person | Reservations Only!

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS APPLY! All visitors are required to wear masks regardless of vaccine status!

Join us for a journey through the life long relationship of Andy and Melissa, the two characters of A.R. Gurney’s famous play, Love Letters. Experience the emotional reliving of two separate tumultuous lives bonded together by a shared love sustained by letters.

Gurney has said that his play “…is designed simply to be read aloud by an actor and an actress of roughly the same age, sitting side by side at a table, in front of a group of people of any size.” The Wall Street Journal heralded it as “exhilarating, funny, and moving.

Our Phelps Mansion production features actors Bill Gorman and Judy McMahon as Andy and Melissa reliving a friendship that began in second grade.

 Reservations can be made by calling (607) 722-4873 or email [email protected] 

July 17th @ 7:30pm | July 18th @ 3:00pm

Free Admission.

Donations graciously accepted to benefit the Phelps Mansion Museum.

**Vaccinated guests do not need to wear a mask, non-vaccinated guests will be required to wear a mask** Seating will be socially distanced and set based on your reservation.

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Phone: (607) 722-4873.

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