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May 10 @ 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

What is the ‘We Are In Our Indomitable & Free Era’ Art Show?! It’s about the unstoppable & creative spirit of women! And about The freedom & power to fully express yourself and the fierceness to do so! These 3 incredible artists are indeed in their Indomitable & Free Era. And we’ve taken notice!

On May 10th we will be hosting these 3 artists and showcasing their new work! Save the date and check these artists out on all platforms!

Tia: Website: Instagram: @lambs.wing
Natalie: Website: Instagram:
Charlotte: Facebook:@Charlotte Kennedy

Meet the Artists:

Tia Eytina

Tia is an abstract mixed media artist living in Broome county. She believes abstract art is like solving a puzzle.’ There are all these pieces that don’t seem like they would fit together, but you spend time with these pieces and work with them, and then you see it! You see how everything should come together, and it’s like this chaotic harmony’. She has helped Curate local exhibitions and has shown in galleries and museums in the area. Her ultimate goal is to experience, share and create as much art as she can!

“Art is Chaotic! In one second it can take you through these intense moments and then right in the next second, it takes you to these moments of complete peace. I think it’s the greatest adventure I’ve allowed myself to explore thus far.”

Natalie Dadamio

Natalie Dadamio employs an automatic, experimental, and intuitive process that allows her to delve into the depths of her creativity. Each brushstroke, collage element, or mixed media technique becomes a conduit for self-expression. Natalie often likes to push the boundaries of what may be considered appropriate and lead the viewer out of their comfort zones. She finds pleasure in the dynamic interaction between contrasting elements and how the infusion of color amplifies the emotional depth and expressive path that the artwork naturally follows. By daring to leave it all on the surface, her own vulnerability allows the viewer to be vulnerable themselves. Her work, in turn, becomes a mirror that reflects the complexity of the human experience, provoking a renewed sense of connection and daring the viewer to really look deeper within.

Charlotte Kennedy

Charlotte Kennedy is a Native American Indian Artist (Quuiich/Lower Umpqua). Her pieces reflect her love of all things within Mother Earth. A self taught artist, she uses watercolor, acrylic, and smoke. She took a several year haitus to focus on healing generational trauma for others and self, gave many educational speeches, helped revitalize her indigenous language and travelled across the country. She is now refocusing on her art and is beginning a new collection which will be revealed at the show. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and new puppy, with 3 grandchildren and a 4th on the way.


May 10
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm