Husband and wife duo Mark and Victoria Tedeschi chose their restaurants fateful name a year before the flood hit Conklin, New York in June 2006. “We envisioned Moxie as a different kind of restaurant. A place we’d want to go; with a warm, upscale ambience and trendier types of food. Something you’d find in on the west coast. However, creating such a different kind of restaurant in a small town was a risk; a risk that called for Moxie.”

The floods came to Conklin, New York just weeks before the grand opening of Moxie. The damage caused by over five feet of flood water was so extensive that the Tedeschis were forced to rebuild Moxie from the ground up.

Today Moxie is a thriving local hot spot in Conklin. Moxie is actually the result of Mark and Victoria’s own desire for change, coupled with their belief that others shared the same desire. And their conviction – their moxie – paid off. With contemporary décor, sophisticated cuisine and late hours, Moxie is an unexpectedly chic retreat that Conklin and Binghamton residents just cannot get enough of.

Cuisine: American, Wood Fired Grill