Enter the ‘Zone’

“Twilight Zone” creator and legendary screenwriter Rod Serling certainly left a big impression on pop culture. His hometown of Binghamton, New York, definitely made a big impression on him.

Greater Binghamton is Serling country, with reminders of the late great’s roots throughout.

Even casual fans of the “Twilight Zone” can appreciate a visit to Recreation Park, where the bandstand and antique carousel set the scene for one of the show’s most famous episodes, “Walking Distance.” You can even ride the merry-go-round – one of six in the “Carousel Capital of the World” – Memorial through Labor Day, free of charge. Hard-core show devotees might recognize Boscov’s Department Store and the Binghamton Bus Terminal as inspirations for other popular episodes.

Binghamton pays proper homage to the six-time Emmy winner at the Forum Theatre, where visitors can check out the “Day of a Playwright” exhibit. It even includes a “Good Penmanship” certificate from Serling’s school days.

True “Twilight Zone” enthusiasts are basically obligated to check out the Rod Serling Archive at the Bundy Museum of History & Art. A permanent exhibit fueled by the Serling vault includes rare memorabilia, props and personal items presented in a hands-on format. Whether you stop by Serling’s high school or pass by his star on our “Wall of Fame,” this unofficial tour is a rare opportunity to follow such iconic footsteps in such an intimate setting.